Carol Iascone, Project Specialist


Carol has been involved in the financial services
industry for over 15 years.  Carol originally began
her financial career in Systems Development and
moved into Management.  

Carol spent many years in the business engineering
area, where she developed processes, programs
and procedures that allowed operations to meet the
fulfillment needs of the ever changing marketing

Carol has 10 years experience with overseeing
compliance with financial regulatory agencies and
represented many areas of the industry in financial
external and internal audits.

Prior to the financial world Carol worked over 5
years in Systems Development and Management for
an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative.  

In 1992 Carol and her husband Joseph became
leaders of the Children’s Ministries Outreach
Program in their town; by 1994 they were both
Directors of the same outreach program which had
engaged 260 local children, between the ages of 3
and 9  in the weekly program.  

Carol and Joseph continued as Directors for four
years and are now advisors to the current Directors
and Leaders.  

In 2003 Carol became one of the founding board
members of a women’s group, Women in Transition
(WIT) where the organization works to support
women in work displacement, cancer survival,
breast cancer fundraising, and working with
shelters specifically for abused women and

Carol has her BA in Mathematics from Stanislaus
State University of California.  Carol lives with her
husband of 26 years and their 17 year old son in a
rural California farming community.