Gail Lorimer, Project Specialist


Gail has invested 20 years in the financial services
industry working in Systems and Operations and the
institutional set up of new banks. Gail also has
extensive experience in setting up operational
standards and controls for financial institutions.

While at Associates National Bank and Providian
Financial, she was involved in product development,
card and statement production, operational
implementation, service level management, portfolio
and system conversions, and vendor management.

In 1994, she became Founder and Director of the ‘Parent
Advisory Board with the East County YMCA’ childcare
program establishing an advisory board of parents and
site directors to ensure quality day care was available to
all elementary school age children in the community.  

In 2003, she became a founding board member of a
women’s group, Women in Transition (WIT) which
supports displaced women workers, cancer survivors,
breast cancer fundraisers, and shelters for abused
women and children.