Leslie Altick, Board Secretary


Leslie retired from her position as the executive vice
president and group head of the Consumer Deposits
Group at Wells Fargo Bank in 2006.  She previously held
positions in Investor Relations, Retail Banking, and
Strategic Planning at the bank.  She brings a unique blend
of consumer marketing, product development and
management, Wall Street investor relations, corporate
communications, strategy development and risk
management expertise to CFR.

Leslie also worked in consulting for SRI International, a
multinational think tank.  There she led major projects in
strategy and product development for financial services
companies, including banks, insurance companies, and
card services companies.  She began her career as a
securities analyst for Harris Bank & Trust, where she
specialized in the banking industry.  She later became the
head of strategic planning for the bank.

Altick is a graduate of Northwestern University in
Evanston, Illinois from which she earned a bachelor’s
degree with honors in economics and an MBA.