Who We Are

Our team combines the product development skills of Fortune 100 banks with the social justice commitment of community activists, resulting in breakthrough product ideas that can address inequality at scale. Founded in 2003, Community Financial Resources has assembled a network of bankers, technology providers and community-based organizations to create best-in-class financial products for low income and financially marginalized consumers.

We are recognized nationally as a financial services industry leader, setting standards for consumer-friendly products combined with financial capability programs designed to address the fundamental inequalities of the U.S. economy.


Lauren Leimbach, Executive Director, spent over 20 years in the financial services industry working for Bank of America, the Federal Reserve, and Providian Financial. She has a wide-ranging background in new financial product/service development, automation and payment systems, marketing strategy, operational implementation, production management, and organizational planning. She also provides consulting support on management tools, program implementation and organizational development strategies to non-profit organizations. Lauren has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan.

Parisa Esmaili, Western Regional Partner Relationship Manager, has expertise managing successful partnerships engaging cross-functional teams bridging organizations, disciplines, cultures and philosophies.  As Growth Manager at ICA Fund Good Jobs, she honed her skills in social enterprise, strategic partnerships and business development.  Parisa earned an MBA while directing the Center for Socially Responsible Business at Mills College.

Cristina Trujillo, Trainer and Ambassador, has 11 years of diverse professional experience in the legal, banking and non-profit sectors including with the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and as the Director of Asset Building Programs for the California Coalition for Rural Housing.  With a racial equity agenda, Cristina served as a two-term Elected Representative for Oakland Technical High School's Collaborative School Site Council. Driven by her passion to financially empower low-to-moderate income communities, she has facilitated scores of financial education and credit building workshops. Cristina has a Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Development with an emphasis in Policy and Planning, and Organizational Management from the University of California, Davis.

Carol Iascone, Product Operations Manager, has been involved in the financial services industry for over 15 years with experience in systems development, business engineering, and project management. She has developed processes, programs and procedures that provide the operational platform for new product roll-outs. Carol has many years of Compliance experience with financial regulatory agencies and internal audits. Prior to the financial world, Carol worked five years in Systems Development and Management for an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative. In 2003 Carol became a founding board member Women in Transition (WIT). Carol has a BA in Mathematics from Stanislaus State University of California.

Armando Sanchez, Project Specialist, has worked as a management and marketing consultant for government and nonprofit agencies since 1998. His analytical and problem solving abilities have been instrumental in improving management practices, increasing service capacity, and ensuring the financial stability of the organizations he consults for. His accomplishments include establishing for-profit enterprises owned and operated by nonprofit agencies, developing accounting systems to improve cost controls and management, designing and establishing new programs, and providing valuable project management and strategic direction. Armando has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Paula Tagawa Evangelou, Projects Specialist, has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, working for Bank of America, Providian Financial, and Washington Mutual. Her background includes financial management, human resource support, and strategic analyses of customer loyalty programs. Prior to her work with the financial services industry, she spent several years as an educator. Paula is Treasurer Friends of the Civic Arts Foundation which provides scholarships to low-income students. Paula’s skills include project implementation, strategic planning, financial management, and results evaluation. Paula has a BA in Education from the University of Arizona and an MBA in Finance from the University of California at Berkeley.

Leon Sompolinsky, Chief Information and Administrative Officer, has over 25 years experience as an information activist in the social, economic and environmental justice movements. As Research Director at the DataCenter and Urban Habitat, his research and analysis has supported a variety of local and national efforts advocating progressive policies for low-income working families and formulating corporate campaign strategies. Leon has a BA and Masters degrees in History and Library Science from the University of Michigan. At CFR, Leon is responsible for administration and development in addition to monitoring and researching financial industry services for unbanked and underserved communities.


David Derryck (President) is Chief Impact Officer at EARN. As an executive and social entrepreneur, he has led revenue model development, operations, systems development (finance and technology), talent management, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and sales. 

Maeve Elise Brown is co-founder and Executive Director of HERA (Housing and Economic Rights Advocates).  Her 26 years as a public interest attorney includes administrative advocacy and extensive state court litigation experience on behalf of residents of subsidized housing, rent controlled and other rental properties, public benefits cases, fair housing advocacy and complaints, litigation against lenders, brokers and foreclosure rescue scammers, community workshops and trainings and technical assistance for professionals.

Pat Krackov is Principal and Partner at Lighthouse Philanthropy Advisors with 30 years experience in the philanthropic, nonprofit, and public arenas.

Patty Fukami is a partner at FLG Partners, LLC. Previously she served as Senior Vice President, Global Finance of Visa with extensive experience in Fortune 500, early stage private companies and non-profit organizations.

Kendall Baker (Treasurer) is Chief Financial Officer of Revolution Foods with 15+ years of multi-industry experience in building, strengthening and leading companies in various start-up, turnaround, stable and high growth situations.

Lauren Leimbach founded CFR following 20 years working in the financial services industry. She has a wide-ranging background in new financial product/service development, automation and payment systems, marketing strategy, operational implementation, production management, and organizational planning.

Fran Schall, Senior Vice President, Visa Inc. (retired) has over 44 years experience in the payments industry holding numerous management positions in sales, product development, operations, marketing, client advocacy, and operations.

Craig Crockett is a general commercial and intellectual property attorney with Troutman Sanders LLP.

Prashanthi Ravanavarapu is Director, Product Architect, Financial Health at PayPal, responsible for improving the financial health of individuals and businesses through Product innovation, discovering customer pain points and connecting global needs through customer empathy.