Building Credit Worthiness

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Credit Builders Alliance

Credit Builders Toolkit

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Justine Peterson

recorded power point presentation of "Credit is an Asset"

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How credit scores impact your mortgage rate

Interest paid on a mortgage can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

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5 uncommon ways to raise your credit score

Five ways to boost your credit score. By Dana Dratch •

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Don’t buy useless credit scores: Your FICO score isn't what car dealers, mortgage lenders, and others use

Last fall, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau concluded that “consumers should not rely on credit scores” when considering how lenders view their creditworthiness.

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How to Boost Your Credit Score

Short video explaining the key steps to take to boost your credit score.

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Khan Academy and BofA explain credit management and understanding

Credit is a major part of your financial identity, so understanding how it works and how to manage it could put you on the right path.

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